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A Letter From The Best Roofing Repair, Re-Roofing & Roof Replacement Contractors in Fort Lauderdale & Miami

Dear South Florida home or business owner,

Hey there, we’re Jordan & Edgar, South Florida Natives and Roofing Pros.

At KMR Roofing Company Fort Lauderdale – we understand that your roof is one of the most essential pieces of your home or business, so we take pride in our commitment to protecting your shelter with the most reliable materials possible by only offering top of the line roofing products that are tested, approved, and comply with all of Florida and the United States top standards. 

We deliver high quality at high value and offer the best roofing products in the industry at competitive rates afforded to us by years of manufacturer relationships. 

We like to think that the warranty of our work is matched by the pride our personnel takes in their craft, and the expertise they have developed over the decades of repairing and completing roofing projects. As general contractors, we hold top tier state licensing in roofing and construction, so you can be assured we comply and follow all safety and state requirements in our roofing company.

For over 30+ years, the KMR brand has built a reputation in Fort Lauderdale and all of South Florida for uncompromising principals that foster excellence, transparency and integrity.

Not just roofing, the KMR brand brings a background in building extremely high-end homes, where attention to detail and quality craftsmanship is a top priority, so we apply those same standards to your roofing needs. Our excellent reputation in the community has been built on our quality service, competitive pricing and unmatched reliability.

So if you’re looking for a roofing company in South Florida that goes above and beyond for the residents of Broward County – Pull out your phone and give us a call today. We’re at 954-869-9091.  Jasmin usually answers.  You’ll like her.

Here’s what you’ll get, FREE:

  1. A meeting, walk-through and detailed estimate.
  2. The best roofing, roof repair and re-roofing company in all of Broward County, Florida. (And Miami-Dade)
  3. Peace of mind knowing your project will be done on time and on budget!

Broward County & Miami-Dade County Florida Roofing Services


At some point, every roof reaches a state beyond repair. When re-roofing is your only option, our dedicated professionals will work with you to deliver the best application for your residential or commercial roofing needs.


Best roofing repair company -Understanding roofing is paramount in proper diagnosis for repair; with 30 years of construction and roofing, KMR can diagnose, understand, and repair any roofing issues. We provide the most economical and effective solution.


Whether repairing old or replacing new, we promise to deliver value-conscious solutions with quality craftsmanship and superior service to the residents of Fort Lauderdale FL and Broward County, FL.


Commercial Roofing Contractor - As business owners, we understand the cost of avoiding any catastrophic events that can happen to your business. So whether it's a simple repair, re-roof, or roofing maintenance, KMR Roofing has your business covered!


Concrete and clay roofing tiles are the most prominent roofing system in South Florida, as they endure nature’s most challenging weather, namely hurricane rain, and winds. We provide a wide variety of concrete and clay roof tiles.


​Flat roofs are standard for both residential and commercial applications. Armed with decades of experience with various flat roofs, KMR Roofing has your flat re-roofing and flat roof repairs covered. Give us a call for your free estimate.


The most popular roofing material used on homes across North America require minimal upkeep and offer an expansive diversity of color and style options. KMR provides an endless variety of America’s favorite, the asphalt shingle.


​In South Florida, we’re no stranger to heavy rains and storms – your home or business’s roof must be weatherproofed correctly to prevent any damage to everything within the structure. We do that too. 🙂



KMR Roofing Company - Roof Repair & Replacement Fort Lauderdale & Miami

Roof repairs done by professional roofing contractors will help to make your home more energy efficient, saving you money on heating and cooling costs. A proper functioning roof is only a phone call away! Call us at: 954-869-9091

KMR Roofing professional roofers have the experience and expertise that are needed for repairing all kinds of projects, ensuring that the roofing project will be completed successfully on time and on budget. It also means that your roof will remain safe and protected for a long period of time as we make use of the highest quality roofing materials, tools and equipment for completing all roof repairs.

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More Roofing Services For Broward County & Miami-Dade County, FL Residents



Residential and Commercial clients alike love our 24/7 roof maintenance programs, and services that ensure their shelters remain in pristine condition. Just like an oil change or AC filter change, proper maintenance of your roof as a preventative measure can save you future catastrophic damage and even extend the life of your roof.


Insurance protects against the potential out of pocket roofing repair or replacement cost in the case of an emergency or unforeseen issue. We are happy to consult with you to discuss options and ensure a smooth process..

Ygrene is the ideal way to finance both residential or business workings that involve using eco-friendly upgrades. You are offered the option of saving money if your project involves solar panels, new roofing, windows, doors, and other environmentally positive improvements. Energy efficiency is the future, it only seems fitting to embrace it, and by extension, be offered benefits in adopting the change.

How does this sound? Home renovations with $0 down. Sounds too good to be true, but that is exactly what we are offering. With Renew Financing you can expect 100% financing for home improvements that help save energy and water.

KMR Roofing & Construction only finances high-quality products that meet the state and national standards established for energy efficiency, so you know you are getting the very best products when it comes to Renewal Financial.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Roofers

There are many benefits of hiring KMR professional roofers for Fort Lauderdale Roofing Repair and Miami Roofing Service. The most important benefit is that we have the right kind of tools and safety gear needed for completing the repair work efficiently. We are also qualified and knowledgeable regarding the different processes of completing the repairs of the roof so that all issues will be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Our experienced roofers are committed toward serving homeowners with excellence and compassion. Hence, with high quality roof repair services, you will get higher return on your investment and thus, it is important that you consider adding roof repairs to the home improvement project that you undertake. The quality of the roof is directly linked to the curb appeal of your property and when your roof is repaired professionally, you will enjoy getting a beautiful and attractive looking property.

Give us a call for all your residential or commercial Fort Lauderdale & Miami roofing repair needs at: 954-869-9091

Frequently Asked Roofing Questions

Your roof is an important part of your house and when the time comes to repair, replace or install a new one — there are many questions you may ask yourself, some of them are:
This is a common question we get from homeowners all the time. It all comes down to the overall wear and tear of your roof. In most cases, only after a careful inspection by a professional can you truly determine whether your roof needs to be completely replaced or if minor repairs will do the job.
As a home or business owner, this is one of the more common questions that you may keep asking yourself from time to time. There are many factors when it comes to roof damages. Everything from over-aged roofs, lack of proper repair in the past, improper installation from the beginning, and of course the elements; extreme temperature, water, high heat, wind and storms. Along with mildew, algae, direct sunlight and severe weather are among the few things which can cause your roof to wear out.
There are so many things that can damage your roof. It can be very difficult for you as a homeowner to know exactly where to start in tracking the problem and sometimes you may not be sure what you are looking for. It’s for this reason why it is advisable for you to hire a professional roofing company such as KMR Roofing to conduct regular roof inspection for early detection of any damages. Give us a quick call and we can set up a free consultation.

Call US, duh! 🙂 But in all seriousness, we know a leaky roof can frustrate even the most patient if us, especially when it’s raining heavily. That being said, there are numerous things which can make your roof to start leaking, inspecting your roof regularly and checking for warning signs can be the best step you can take.

A leaking roof will not mean that you have to replace it completely. If the leakage has caused severe damage, then you may be forced to replace your entire roof. However, it will be good that you contact a professional roofer to advice you on the way forward.

The amount of money that you can spend in installing a new roof will normally depend on factors such as: Time of the year. Labor rates in your local area. Location of your building. Materials to be used in roofing. The company which is doing the roofing job for you. The size of your home or business. Call us at: 954-869-9091 and we can hook you up with a no obligation – free estimate.

Good and legitimate contractors have clearly written proposals, which are broken down and are detailed in nature. The proposal or estimate should highlight the following things:

The type of cover, color, and manufacturer. The nature of work which to be done. Ventilation work such as adding new vents. Flashing jobs such as the type of flashing metal, adding new flashing, if the existing flashings can be re-used or replaced. Replacement or removal of the existing roof.

The types of methods that will be used in replacing or installing a roof.

An estimate of the time the job should start and end.

Who will be in charge of replacing ore repairing interior finishes or exterior landscape which might be damaged during the process of installing or replacing the roof?

Does the contractor offer a warranty or insurance?

Those are just a few of the most common roofing questions we get. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to us directly at: 954-869-9091 – We will be happy to assist you further. Thanks again for reaching out to KMR roofing company! “The Proof is in the Roof!”


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The Final Word on Roofing Companies Fort Lauderdale & Miami Florida Area

Majority of people don’t pay attention to the roofing system on their home unless there is a significant amount of damage or leakage to the roof. Unmaintained roofs can cause a lot of inconvenience to you and your family members, therefore, it is very important that you get the roof inspected by professional roofers on a regular basis so that any issues with the roof will be identified as early as possible.

For this you will need to hire experienced and skilled roofers for Fort Lauderdale roofing company & Miami-Dade Roofing Repair so that the overall value and curb appeal of your property can be enhanced and you will enjoy using the best quality roof. Roof repairs will help in extending the life of the roofing system and it also eliminates the need of getting the entire roof replaced so that you can save a considerable amount of money. At KMR Roofing – we’ll make sure that your roof is maintained and repaired properly so that it can function optimally all round year.

Give us a call for all your residential or commercial Fort Lauderdale Roofing needs at: 954-869-9091