Top 3 Things To Do In Miami-Dade County​

Miami is a city known for it’s beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, delicious Latin cuisine and 365 sunshine. Every year, Millions of people travel from all over the world to visit Miami-Dade County just to get a taste of the Miami lifestyle. No matter what your activity level may be, Miami and the surrounding cities have something to offer for you. In this article, we’re explore a few of these fun things to do in Miami-Dade! So if you’re ready, let’s begin.. 

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1. Water Sports – As mentioned (and I’m sure you know by now) Miami is full of sunshine so it’s no secret that there’s a ton to do on (and in) the water. From Jetskiing to snorkeling, Parasailing to tubing, there’s plenty of options for the water enthusiast. Don’t feel like getting in the water? Perhaps a private sunset air tour or speedboat sightseeing tour is more up your alley. Either way, there’s many options.

2. Beaches –  From South Beach to Key Biscayne, you won’t find any shortage of beaches available for you and your friends and family to go and party, relax or both. Enjoy cooking out in beaches like Key Biscayne or enjoy the finest food imaginable at one of many amazing restaurants in South Beach. Don’t forget your sunblock.

3. Zoo Miami – Don’t feel like lounging on the beach or flying through the air in a parasail? Zoo Miami is a great option for the animal lovers in all of us. Great for the kids but also fun for adults, Zoo Miami boasts over 500+ different species on 750 acres of land. Checking out their website before you go is advised as you can plan your day ahead of time to ensure you do all the things you wanna do and see all the things you wanna see. With over 100+ exhibits, there’s quite a lot to get done. Plan accordingly. 

So there you have it, 3 awesome things to do in Miami-Dade County. If you’re planning on visiting the area, we look forward to seeing you. If you are planning to move to the area and need a great roofing company to handle any and all roofing repairs, we’d love a chance to earn your business. Thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoyed this article. Looking to visit Broward County? Check this article out instead..