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When Looking For a Roofing Repair Contractor in Miami Lakes, Florida, Both Commercial & Residential Property Owners Trust KMR Roofing Company!

Whether you need a complete roof replacement or some minor roofing repair work done, regardless of the time and investment involved, you want to be assured the company working on your property is the right contractor. At KMR Roofing, we strive to be the best roofing company in Miami Lakes, FL!

As experts in the industry, we advise our clients, before they commit to any roofing repair or roof replacement work in Miami Lakes, Florida, always ask your contractor the following questions:

Miami Lakes Roof Repair, Maintenance & Installation

#1 How many years of experience do you have working in Miami Lakes, Florida?

This may seem obvious, but many people do not question the experience and expertise of different roofing repair contractors before they sign contracts. As a consequence, they end up working with roofing repair service providers who have no proven track record of delivering the highest quality work. Local contractors traditionally are more reliable. See our local reviews here!

#2 Are you licensed and insured to work in Florida?

Roofing repair work is a dangerous job, and you need to only work with a contractor who is fully insured and licensed. Your contractor should have a staff that are fully trained and equipped with the tools and materials needed to complete your roof repairs in the safest manner possible. Ask for a company of their licensing and insurance details before I need job is started. At KMR Roofing, we are fully licensed and insured. 🙂

#3 Can you provide references?

Reputation is everything for roofing repair contractors in Miami Lakes, Florida. Word of mouth is possibly the best recommendation you can get when looking for a new service. Check out our reviews online and see why our past customers recommend KMR Roofing based on the previous work we have done.

#4 Can you explain your pricing?

When you get a quotation from a roofing repair contractor that it seems to be too good to be true, then it’s almost advisable to question it. Some dodgy roofing repair contractors will undercut their competitors, just to ensure they get more work. We advise you to contact our professionals to get a greater understanding of what a roof repair job should cost. Call Today to Speak With A Roofing Expert: (954) 869-9091

#5 Will you provide me with a contract and estimate in writing?

Before we start any roofing repair work on your house, we will always put all agreements in writing, including estimates and contracts. This is important to ensure no hidden costs suddenly appear and everything adheres to the initial financial agreement. KMR Roofing contractors will provide you with this without even having to ask.

#6 Can I see the background check on everyone who will work on my home?

Another important question to ask any roofing repair contractor is – who exactly will be working on your home. At KMR Roofing, we perform full background checks on everyone before hiring them to our team. Don’t get stuck with other companies who may send unfamiliar work crews, resulting in unnecessary anxiety, stress, or even worse theft. If requested, we provide the background checks on everyone who will enter your home during the contract.

#7 Do you have a fully detailed work policy?

Even the most experienced and reputable roofing repair contractors can make mistakes. And sometimes, plans occasionally go wrong. Professional companies will provide you with the policies they have laid out detailing the procedures to follow if you are dissatisfied with the work they do. Having this knowledge in advance is important as it can prevent you from spending days, weeks, or even months pursuing contractors in court. Ask about our policies when you call for your free meeting, walk-through and detailed estimate.

#8 Will my roofing repair be under warranty?

Any roofing repair that you get done in Miami, Lakes Florida will usually amount to a significant investment. You want to work with a company who offers warranties on their projects. The more cover you have, the safer you will be in the event of any unplanned mistakes or emergencies. When you don’t get this information provided in advance, you may encounter difficulties surrounding additional work degrees your costs could dramatically increase.

#9 Where do you source your materials?

While this is by no means a complete list. You should always know the quality of the roofing materials and tools that are going to be used on your job. Where they sourced them from and what manufacturers they work with.

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