Professional Roof Waterproofing For Fort Lauderdale, FL Residents and Commercial Business Owners

Top 10 Reasons to Waterproof Your Roof


If you consider roof waterproofing as unnecessary and optional, then there’s a high chance that your home is asking for grave roofing damage and harm. Here are some reasons why roof waterproofing is necessary. A special report for all Fort Lauderdale residents. Take a look and see if it doesn’t change your mind.

*Roof Structure Damage

Without roof waterproofing, small damages will become worse if exposed to dampness, leaks, and mold formations. While at first, it might look like small damage, it will eventually break down the supporting beams, which would result in your roof collapsing.

*Hard-to-Remove Stains On Walls & Ceilings

Indeed, stains brought by dampness due to an unprotected roof might not be quite dangerous. However, these water stains are very difficult to remove and pretty annoying to the eye. Roof waterproofing will prevent such stains by preventing water to seep through.

*Molds and Moss on Exterior Walls

An unprotected roof can produce molds and moss on your home’s exterior. If you’re residing in the middle of the woods and you prefer your outer walls filled with moss, then you can continue disregarding it. However, if you’re in the middle of a town, then there’s no way should you opt for a mossy and moldy house. 

Having seen the importance of roof waterproofing, let’s start doing it on your roof. I’ve gathered some essential tips you can do, on your own, to make your proof waterproof.

*Get those dead leaves and branches away from your roof

While dead leaves and branches don’t necessarily cause damage on your roof, these can induce water to settle in your roof, especially if it is moistened due to rain. Leaves and branches also block rain waters from flowing. And so, getting your roof free from dead leaves and branches will help in protecting your roof. 

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*Trim tree branches that are close to the roof

Having branches near your roof will invite serious damage, especially when during extreme weather. Fallen branches from that tree may make your roof vulnerable. By removing tree branches near your roof, you can rest assured knowing that nothing will damage your roof. 

*Pay attention to missing and broken shingles

Often overlooked, damaged shingles can cause water to seep beneath the outer roofing structure. This can lead to the moisture entering your home and producing mold, which would require more repairs in your roof. You can replace a shingle to prevent that further damage, but it would be much ideal to have your shingles inspected by a professional roofer. This will ensure that your shingles are all good and thus prevent further replacement. 

*Provide proper insulation to your attic

Adding proper insulation to your attic will keep the heat in the interior of your home. By having such, you will have your roof protected from possible intense fluctuations on temperature that can bring damage to your roof structure.

*Use seam tape to cover seams on your roof

If you have concrete roofing, using seam tape is ideal to be applied on the outer part of your roof. This will prevent water from seeping in. Be sure to put some pressure after applying to have a firmly sealed tape. 

*A water repellant layer ensures waterproofed roof

Aside from the stated measures above, adding a water repellant layer is necessary to ensure that your roof is waterproofed. If your roof was done cheaply with an unreliable roofing company, roof waterproofing is something that they would possibly shortchange. For this reason, you should consult a professional and reliable roofing company to make assessments on your home for a quality roof waterproofing.

*Add heat tapes to gutter & more (Cold climate folks only)

Adding heat tapes to gutters will serve as a warmer to turn ice into the water during the cold season. By doing so, you’ll have your roof as sturdy and protected from possible buckling from damage due to snow, as well as from heavy icicles or ice dams. 

The above measures and tips will serve you and your roof well in keeping it protected and waterproofed. If you continue experiencing problems on your roof despite all these, it would possibly mean that you need a serious repair for your roof or even replacement. If this is the case, you might want to let the experts and the professionals take care of your roof. That way, you’ll get quality roof waterproofing that will keep your home safe and protected as well as you and your family residing in it.